About Us

Welcome to Door2u

about ABOUT – Door2u we understand shoppers looking buy a new composite door are making a considerable investment, and consumers do not take this lightly.


With a talented multi skilled workforce and more than 30 years experience behind our company.

And a production facility of 70,000 square feet, consumers can be assured we mean business.

All doors are over seen buy an experienced management team.

Door are precision engineered to an exact standard using the latest manufacturing techniques.

By using the latest state of the art C.N.C (computer numerical controlled) machines.

Because new management initiatives to continually search for new technology, this brings automation, precision, and increased efficiency.

And it’s that efficiency that ultimately reduces costs.

As the company develops and grows those savings are a passed on to customers.

Our Commitment

The huge investment in the latest cutting edge technology doesn’t just stop there;

Increased investment and fully committed to continuing unrivaled customer support.

Customer are our business, and without happy customers, our company would not exisit!

10 Year Guarantee

All composite doors are manufactured in house, therefore under strict control throughout the entire process.

Nothing is left to chance.

Door Designer

Join other happy customers and give the new composite door online door designer a try today.

Once submitted a member of our quotation team will email our best priced quotation into your mail box within minutes.

There is no need for you to have to deal with pushy salesmen not taking no for an answer.

Simply submit your design, no hassle, what could be easier!