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Ultimate Composite Door Security


High Security Mantis 44 Locking System

All our doors come fitted with a high security and industry leading locking system. Each door has 2 anti-lift bolts, 2 reverse hooks, deadbolts and a latch fitted as standard, and thus offering high security and peace of mind.

Door Frame Steel Reinforcement

All our large outer frames are manufactured from the 68mm featured suite Duraflex system, and are reinforced with galvanized steel extrusion to give the ultimate in composite door security.


44mm Ridged Slab

All our solid door slabs are 44mm thick and have a thermal efficient Polyurethane core encased in a tough wood grained fiber glass skin.

To add to the already solid construction each horizontal door face is precision machined and seamlessly fitted with a steel extrusion lock and hinge plate. See Mantis System Below:


Mantis 44 System

Many of the leading Composite Doors manufacturers boast their doors come fitted with substandard PVC edging for some reason? Whereas they are promoting this feature as the next best thing, we have moved on to the latest innovation in door deign and security.

All our doors come with the Mantis 44 System fitted as standard. The Mantis 44 lock and hinge plate is the ultimate in door edging, the Mantis metal edge not only significantly increases a doors security and strength but it prevents your door from bowing or warping.

We machine each door slab on site using the very latest CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machines to within 1/100 of a millimeter to allow seamless integration of this u-channel metal plate shown above in white.


Security Performance

All our doors are are rigorously tested to meet Secure By Design standards, requirements of PAS24 and exceeding ‘Enhance Resistance’ testing.