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Front Doors

Front Doors – Which Door to Choose?

These days a front door is so much more than a gateway into your home, it’s a statement of style, and an insight in to what you and your family represent.

Choosing the right door for your home has more considerations than just how it looks, although appearance is important, great design and build quality are fundamental in deciding a doors appearance over time, functionality and ultimately its life span.

When it comes to choosing a new front or back door for your home, there are 3 basic types to choose:


UPVC Doors

UPVC doors have been around for some time now, but since around 2007 they have become less and less popular. The reason for this is simple; the design is poor, old and out of date, and like most things in life, new technology, design and innovation has moved on.

Although they are considered to be the cheaper option, they are a dying breed. The thin beaded construction offers little in the way of security and thermo efficiency.


Wooden Front Doors

Wooden front doors popularity hasn’t changed much over the last decade for one good reason; they weren’t that popular in the first place. Prior to composite doors coming to the market, timber doors were too expensive to compete with the fore mentioned UPVC alterative.

Although a bespoke solid timber door is strong, wood offer little in the way of thermal protection. They also require a lot of maintenance to ensure they keep looking good and water tight. Without continual maintenance they will deteriorate very quickly once exposed to the elements, and if water is allowed to penetrate, they can easily bow and twist causing all kinds of problems.

Composite Doors

Unlike its 2 rivals, composite doors popularity over the last decade has grown year on year, and in the last few years the amount of online searched has soared to epic proportions!

This is not a coincidence and this phenomenal growth is for good reason!


The fundamental reasons behind this impressive growth is pretty simple, the design engineers follow a proven theme. They simply look at the alternatives, take the best from each, improve them by using modern technology, materials, and adding the latest design innovations


A new composite door offers the strength and looks of a beautiful wood grain effect timber door but without the annoying maintenance, and it’s also competitively priced to compete with the lower cost, less secure UPVC door, add to that the 100% CFC-Free thermal efficient Polyurethane core giving the ultimate in thermal efficiency of up to 6 times greater than that of traditional timber door, a composite is the best all round choice.