ß UPVC Doors, Composite Door Comparison, What you Must Know!


UPVC DOORS v Composite Door Comparison

upvc doorsIf you reading this and you’re undecided what door to buy, ensure to read this entire page!

UPVC Doors have been around since the 70’s and account for around 90% of all residential external doors.

That’s around 9 out of 10 homes on any given street have a UPVC door fitted. Most of these doors are tired, looking old, leaking, draftee and need replaced.

Would you be surprised to hear new composite door purchases are rapidly reaching those figures, 9 out of 10 front and back doors purchased are composites.

UPVC doors are widely considered to be the economy option when buying a new front or back door for your home. Although this may be true when choosing a standard White UPVC door, the price can significantly increase when opting for the more popular coloured options.

To add to these hidden costs the beaded door construction offers very low security and can be breached sometimes with a single kick.

Also the substandard design of MDF and UPVC offers poor thermal efficiency in comparison to a new composite door.

Take a look at the comparison table below to see why so many UK homeowners are choosing a composite door when replacing their external doors.

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