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Wooden Front Doors?

Although bespoke wooden front doors are by far the most expensive door option when purchasing a new door, the more commonly used sizes are much more affordable and do bring a touch of style and class to any home when new.

The problem is they deteriorate very quickly after installation, once exposed to the elements, direct sun light and adverse weather, wood naturally fades in colour, expands and contracts, and this inevitably leads to small cracks, these cracks are not always noticeable but are enough to brake the weather seal membrane and allow water ingress.

Once water is absorbed into wood it starts to expand, in some cases enough to cause warping and twisting. Excessive movement will result in opening and closing issues, excessive drafts, noise, potential costly water leaks, door failure, and worst case a costly replacement.

When you take into account the high level of maintenance required year on year to ensure a wooden door keeps looking good and water tight, you have to ask yourself is a new wooden front door a such a good option after all?

Before choosing a new door for your home take a look at why a new composite door is by far your best all-round purchase.